★ In a debut novel so real it hurts, German author Kreller depicts the frustrations of a 13-year-old girl who has trouble getting adults to see the truth happening under their noses… Kreller’s terse prose, eloquently translated by Gaffney, captures the desperation and helplessness of a girl who just wants to do the right thing. Kreller deals with the topic of abuse honestly, conveying the emotional responses to horrific circumstances. Despite her reputation in the community, Mascha will emerge as a hero to readers.
— Publisher’s Weekly

A fall evening, a hitchhiker, a travelling salesman, a spark, a day of flirtation that ends in passion and a body by the side of the road. Is Hans Arbogast falsely accused of murder? Could it be a coincidence? Or is he is a cunning psychopath? And even if he was innocent when he went to prison, did his long incarceration turn him into the very monster he was wrongly convicted of being?

Invisible Woman

In this wrenching memoir of growing up black in post WWII Germany, the author's father was an American G.I. who went home never knowing she existed. Raised institutions because her German stepfather didn't want a black child, the abandoned daughter finally comes to terms with her heritage in middle age and travels to Chicago for a joyous first meeting with her father.

The Pollen Room

A beautifully wrought, bestselling first novel by a young Swiss author, The Pollen Room is a tale of disaffected youth, abandonment, and one girl's struggle to find meaning and beauty in life despite the odds facing anyone who has grown up in a dysfunctional family.